About Us

Solventaş has been established in 1967 as a type A Customs Bonded Warehouse for the storage of bulk liquid, drummed and packed chemicals and petroleum products. Growing by constant innovation and upgrading, Solventaş has combined its years of experience with a capacity for adaptation to new technologies, thus managing at once to remain young and ever more experienced. The company has maintained its leading position among other terminals, both in Turkey and the Mediterranean. Each new success has served as key to further customer satisfaction in an environment of growing needs. This principle will enable us to rapidly realize our vision of further raising the industry’s current quality standards.

Solventaş has won the absolute confidence of its customers by effectively utilizing information, the most valuable asset of our age, by developing a corporate culture based on concern for the environment, human health, safety and security and through a superior service quality confirmed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Since the day of its inception, Solventaş has acted in full awareness of the importance of the concept of trust as a must in the chemicals industry. The company quickly came to be known, both locally and internationally, as the safest base in its own service hinterland. As a bonded warehouse for bulk liquid and dry chemicals and petroleum products entering and leaving Turkey, Solventaş has its plants at Dilovası on the İzmit Bay at the Marmara Sea on land owned by Solventaş. Being the safest and most expedient exit for all kinds of transit trade with Russia, Central Asian Republics, the Middle East and the Balkans; Solventaş is the preferred terminal for local and international industries alike.

Establised in 1967
Services Bulk Liquid Storage, Drummed and Packed Products Storage, Blending, Bunkering Services, Vessel Unloading / Loading, Barge Unloading / Loading, Tanker Unloading / Loading, Iso Container Unloading / Loading, IBC Loading, Drumming, Product Analysis, Product Improvement, Heating, Waste Management, Vessel Prewash Distillation
Products Stored Chemicals, Acids, Base Oils, Mineral Oils, Vegetable Oils, Food Products, Petroleum Products, Bunkering Fuels
Storage Capacity 333.000 m3
Number of Tanks 217
Number of Lines 51
Tank Capacities Between 108 m3 and 8800 m3
Access Sea and Road
Jetty 1
Length 270 meters
Draft 11 meters
Capacity 1000 vessel / year
Jetty 2
Length 235 meters
Draft 11 meters
Capacity 1000 vessel / year